Through the Fire

"...fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person's work has any value." - 1 Corinthians 3:13

It's through the fire that the quality of work that the builder has done is revealed.

It's through how you react to sucky situations.

It's how you stand strong when everything seems to be crumbling apart.

It's your faith in the Creator to see you through and get you to the other side of the storm.

The foundation of your beliefs, of your relationships, and of your business isn't revealed when the sun is shining and all is good. It's revealed when you walk through the fire and can see what has remained.

The testament to a good foundation is how it withstands the fire.

And that's for the foundation of anything. Your marriage and relationships, your belief in God, your business, your dreams, etc. Unless you go through the fire in these things, they would never get stronger.

You see, dreams are cheap unless you beginning walking in them. When you begin walking in them God will begin to refine them. And that brings fire.

Strong relationships and marriages are strong because of what they faced and overcome together...the good and the bad. In order to have a strong relationship/marriage, they will be refined. And that brings fire.

Belief in God is shown through your actions when the world is telling He isn't good, or faithful, or loving, or just. The world tells you those things when you're being refined and when God is drawing you closer to His heart. And that brings fire.

My favorite example of this is the refining of gold. To get the purest, most valuable gold it MUST be refined through fire. And in God's eyes, we are gold. Therefore, He walks us through fire to bring out the purest, most valuable and beautiful parts of us...in every area.

So don't hate the fire that you're walking through because on the other side of this refinement is going to be best you. The best marriage. The best relationship. The best business. The best dream.

In the fire, God is with you. He sees you and is walking with you through it. He's trying to make you the best of the best. He cares so much about you and wants every ounce of your heart. I pray that in this season you are inviting Him to draw near and to pursue your heart the way only He can.

I pray you embrace the refinement. I don't know why you're in this season, but I know you're not alone. And I know He's refining you for a purpose because He wants to know...

How you cling to Him when all hope seems lost.

How you fight for your marriage when the world is saying you don't have to.

How you're fighting purity of heart when there are temptations all around you.

How you rebound from big mistakes and failure.

Let your foundation be in Him because HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH THE FIRE. You are not alone.