Hi! You want to know more about me, do you?! Well, here I am...

And I don't think there's a photo that's a more accurate depiction of me than this one! Hair all a mess, rockin' bare feet, with my favorite mountain/view in the background. This is me. My home. My roots.


This business of mine is my heart and soul and I hope you see that in my work. Photography has always been such a passion of mine, but I honestly never saw myself being a wedding photographer. However, God had other plans and I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm here doing this simply because of Jesus, and it's such a beautiful thing! I'm amazed daily at His goodness and if I could give you one piece of advice it would be this... Take big risks with Jesus. You might not feel ready, but it's always worth it. And it'll be the biggest adventure you'll ever go on!

If you didn't catch the fast-facts about me on the first page, here they are again!

1. I'm a full-time wedding and couple photographer based in a lil' town in central PA

2. I love Jesus, wildflowers, and black coffee


3. I'm a spitting image of my momma, but I tend to act like my dad

4. I'm a terrible texter and really suck at texting back.


5. I'm really competitive, but don't always have the game to back it up (aka I'm a sore loser). 

6. I'm a secret adrenaline junkie. I like to fling myself off of stuff or out of stuff. Bridges, planes, cliffs... I always jump. I'm really not a good friend to play the "if Lauren jumps off of a bridge would you?" game with... I also love to do things that aren't airborne...  snowboarding, hiking, kayaking. The list could go on, but you get the picture! ;)

7. I believe life is better lived outside with your hands and feet dirty. Which all these things play a huge roll in my photographic style, which I would describe as natural, vibrant, bold, and authentic.

8. I'm a walking contradiction. I love spontaneous adventures, and I'm known to buy spur of the moment plane tickets, but I'm also a HUGE homebody and love to curl up with a good book (western romance novels are my JAMMMMMM don't judge)

Well, that's a bit about me! I would love to grab coffee, chat about your upcoming wedding, and become friends! I'm seriously looking forward to hearing from you and I can guarantee when I receive your inquiry I WILL do a happy dance!


 ~ Lauren

"Lauren is amazing!...she made us feel so comfortable during our whole session and not to mention she helped my boyfriend plan a surprise proposal! I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day and Lauren captured every moment perfectly! I am in love with all of our photos and I will definitely send everyone I know her way!"


"Asking Lauren to take our wedding photos was hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. Right from the beginning, she made the whole process a smooth ride. Not only was she up to capture our Pennsylvania winter wedding, but her enthusiasm was so thrilling and wonderful! We have only viewed one picture, but we are already so in love. She is a sincerely nice person, and having her along on our special day felt like she was just another one of our great friends there to celebrate with us. I cannot say enough good things about her and her photography! Thank you, Lauren!!"