Hi! You want to know more about me, do you?! Well, here I am...

This business of mine is my heart and soul! I truly hope you see that in my work. I never saw myself doing wedding photography, but it's where my heart is. It's where I come to life and I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm here doing this simply because of Jesus and it's such a beautiful thing! 

I'm from a small town in Pennsylvania where my roots run deep. I love Jesus with my whole heart and I believe life is better lived outside with your hands and feet dirty. I'm a secret adrenaline junkie. I like to fling myself off of stuff or out of stuff. Bridges, planes, cliffs... I always jump. I'm really not a good friend to play the "if Lauren jumps off of a bridge would you?" game with... I also love to do things that aren't airborne... snowboarding, hiking, kayaking. The list could go on, but you get the picture! ;)

I'm also a bit of a walking contradiction... I love spontaneous adventures and I am known to buy spur of the moment plane tickets, but I'm also a huge homebody and love to curl up with a good book (western romance novels are my jammm). I feel the pull of both desires often and when I think about it I just hear the quote from Sweet Home Alabama, "You can have roots and wings, Mel."  

Well, that's a bit about me! I would love to grab breakfast and become friends! Although I do have to warn you I SUCK at texting back. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! 



 ~ Lauren


Based in New Enterprise, PA, but always ready for an adventure! Let me know your dream destination and I'll be there!

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