My Go-To Prompts

I wanted to share with you guys my top go-to prompts for sessions! If you're here just for the prompts, feel free to scroll down a smidge, but if you're here for more let me just tell you that using prompts during sessions opposed to poses has truly changed the game for me and my business! I started using prompts 2 years ago when I purchased Unposed by Love is a Big Deal. After this purchase, I feel like I started to just love this job and what I was producing SOOOOO much more.

Before this, I remember always feeling anxious before sessions. I would always worry about how to capture the real laughter and genuineness in the relationship of my couples, but after I changed how I shot and tackled sessions this was no longer a worry for me!

Heck, now I get PUMPED for how sessions will turn out because these prompts evoke genuine emotion. They capture the love and laughter between my couples. And another perk is that no matter how many times I use the same prompt at different sessions, the results are always different. Because couples are different. And prompts just really help them relax, be their unique and quirky selves, and truly produce an authentic beauty that isn't cookie cutter.

So enough about why I love them. Here are my 5 go-to prompts!

Go-to Prompt 1.

I LOVVVVEEE this first prompt so much. I have the guy wrap the girl in his arms. Then I have her try to escape his embrace and him try to keep her in his arms! Beware...I've seen elbows be thrown. LOL.

Go-to Prompt 2.

This one is simple, but I typical always throw a dip-kiss somewhere into a session/wedding day. It's a classic, but you can always spice it up. In the first photo, I had them slow dance, twirl around, and then told them to eventually kiss.